VFX 75

Bristol VFX75.jpg

The Bristol VFX75 Standard and Long are fully portable screens available in green and blue. All screens are made from Bristol VFX industry standard, durable, anti-crease, brushed matt fabrics.

The VFX75 Standard is a 2.3m high by 2.3m wide flat screen with fabric infinity curve (pictured above), the VFX75 Long has an attached 2.3m fabric skirt, forming an infinity curve and floor allowing for full height shots. Skirts can be made to any length from fabric or PVC flooring. Please call for more information.

The VFX75 is the most popular pack away system in the Bristol VFX range. This compact, portable and lightweight system is perfect for smaller studios, media events, CGI videotography, colleges, schools, YouTubers, live streaming, social media and more.


Features and benefits include:

  • Bristol VFX industry standard, anti-crease fabric 

  • Quick and simple to assemble

  • Packs into two compact bags

  • Lightweight, strong, aluminium metal components

  • Choice of VFX fabric colours

  • Available from stock in green, pre-order for blue screen

Optional extra:

  • Fitted 2.3m extension skirt, creating infinity curve

  • Fitted Short skirt with 2.3m x 1.6m wide PVC flooring

  • Joining kits available, enabling multiple units to connect to create a larger screen area



Open: 2300 x 2300mm

Packed: Screen 1300 x 180 x 180mm, weight 2kg

Frame: 980 x 180 x 100mm 8kg


Open: 2300 x 2300 x 2300mm

Packed: Screen 1300mm x 320 x 200mm, weight 4kg

Frame: 980 x 180 x 100mm 8kg