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This is the largest framing system we produce and is generally used when the overall screen size is outside the parameters of the VFX100.

The VFX200 is again of a demountable modular ladder construction, but is fabricated using a larger 50mm diameter lightweight aluminium tube with 12mm diameter diagonal lacing spars.

All ladder sections and joints are connected with internal spigots and secured with M10 Nylok nuts and bolts for permanent installations or special quick release spring pins for temporary setups or standby applications.

This system is ideal for supporting large format screens of up to 10m in height. The VFX200 can also be used for suspended ceiling pieces as well as lighting grid. Screens can be fitted into the frame using our elasticated span ties or conventional sash cord.

Elements can be fabricated with ease of installation and transportation in mind, if a variety of ladder lengths are provided, multiple frame sizes can be quickly achieved. Ideal for studio, location and standby situations.

We also provide a single 50mm tube fabricated frame system. Ideal for easy erect, VFX Standby frames and for supporting flying VFX Screens. Full details and formats available on request.

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